CasesAutokilpailutus Boosts Revenue and Leads with Superlines AI Driven Marketing Solutions

This case study showcases how, a car trading platform, ramped up their awarenss and lead conversion rates by outsourcing their marketing to

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As a new player in the market, the digital car trading service, aimed at staying ahead of the competition in the digital space. Their objective was to rapidly increase user acquisition and lead conversion rates, utilizing state-of-the-art technology. They looked to partner with a cutting-edge AI-driven services to optimize their marketing processes and turned to to achieve this goal.

The Challenge faced fierce competition in the Finland auto market, particularly in online channels. Their key objectives were:

  1. Revitalize and redefine their brand positioning and values.
  2. Quickly create and optimize website, ad, and blog content for maximum impact.
  3. Significantly increase user acquisition from multiple acquisition channels.
  4. Improve lead conversion rates in digital marketing.

The Solution, powered by generative technologies like GPT-4, uses AI-driven marketing to rapidly create high-performing marketing content that's custom-tailored to a business's needs and unique data. Here's how Superlines helped achieve their marketing goals:

  1. Defining Brand Position and Value Propositions: Superlines began by analyzing's current value propositions and brand positioning by integrating the tool to data sources such as keywords, performance data and brand guideline examples. Using AI-generated suggestions for improvements, we defined a stronger and more distinct brand identity that set them apart from their competitors.

  2. Keyword Research and Ad, Blog, and Website Content Creation: Superlines utilized AI analysis of competitors' content, ads, and keywords to inform the creation of's marketing materials. This approach showed remarkable results – GPT-based blogs quickly ranked #2 in a highly competitive market for popular long-term keywords.

  3. Landing Page Optimization: Superlines provided data-driven suggestions to optimize's main landing page, leading to a remarkable 160% increase in conversion-to-lead ratio.

  4. Customization of Based on Competitor Data: The AI-driven tools provided by Superlines were customized specifically for using comprehensive competitor data. This enabled exceptional performance in marketing campaigns and increased audience engagement across all channels.

The Results

In less than two months,'s partnership with resulted in the following impressive statistics:

  • Lead conversion rates for organic search increased by 100%
  • Lead conversion rates for digital channels increased by 60%
  • AI-based blogs ranked #2 in popular long-term keywords

These results didn't only help achieve their objectives but also demonstrated how AI-driven marketing strategies can future-proof a company's competitive advantage, streamline operations, and significantly improve performance.

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