Email A/B testing examples

Kimmo Ihanus / May 17, 2021

1 min read

Here are 10 email A/B testing tricks and growth hacks to improve your email marketing performance.

  1. Increase both open rate and CTR% by adding a short and strong call to action to your subject line.
  2. Analyze when your users usually open emails and experiment with optimizing the timing.
  3. Increase revenue by sending a reminder email to users who did not click. In some of our projects, even 25% of sales came from reminder emails.
  4. Include your brand name to subject lines.
  5. Test different preview texts (text that is shown after the subject line).
  6. Short vs. long. Usually short emails that are straight to point work better.
  7. Increase click-through-rate with teasing content. Don’t tell everything in the main text but get the reader interested, and direct her to click forward.
  8. Add call-to-action element to your main images.
  9. Try plain text version vs. emails with images and HTML / CSS styling.
  10. Use Superlines to write new subject line versions and predict open rates instantly. Just choose the best working ones, and skip A/B testing.