MarketingUsing AI to Boost Your Business Case - Beyond the Hype and Toward Efficient Growth

It is important for businesses to approach AI adaptation with a clear, strategic perspective and not just follow the hype to reap the full benefits.

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Artificial intelligence has undoubtedly gained traction in the business world, particularly in the field of marketing. With the advent of sophisticated AI technologies such as Generative AI, businesses have the opportunity to revolutionize their marketing strategies and save time and resources for strategic decision-making.

How businesses can choose to bring tasks back in-house

Embracing AI comes with the possibility of reducing costs by bringing tasks formerly done by a third party back in-house. Companies no longer need to rely on expensive external services, as AI tools can now efficiently handle tasks like content generation, data analysis, and campaign structure optimization. Teams can now do more in-house and with the efficiency of the AI, they will most likely be able to do more and still free even more time even though they are executing a greater range of tasks.

How Agencies can create more business with AI

The paradigm shift in the efficiency of doing marketing tasks also offers marketing agencies the chance to focus on high-value client projects with fewer resources tied to single, previously high-maintenance clients. Moreover, AI allows agencies to expand their service offering without necessarily increasing their workforce. With the integration of AI, marketing teams can use the latest tools to create upsell opportunities and more valuable projects. By focusing on making more with less, leveraging AI becomes a strategic move toward business growth and enhanced profit margins.

Developing and Training: People and Operations, not Just Technology

The rapid acceleration of AI technology, especially in marketing, calls for the concurrent development of operations and the training of people. Employees, from Directors to C-Suite executives, must be equipped to understand, utilize, and continually adapt to the possibilities that AI brings. At best, AI can create space for life for your employees and spark creativity in a whole new way since repetitive tasks can now be done much faster.


Now is the time to hop on the artificial intelligence bandwagon while maintaining strategic focus. Companies should seize the myriad of opportunities provided by AI for developing efficiency and cutting costs in both marketing and consulting domains. By integrating AI into their overall business strategy, businesses can make more impact with fewer resources and stay ahead in this increasingly competitive landscape. Smaller businesses should also look into different AI solutions available, before investing in hiring people, to keep the company as lean as possible and possibly hiring people into more business-critical roles than marketing at first. Adopting AI should not be solely about following the hype, but a strategic move for long-term growth and sustainability.

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