How Superlines works

Superlines is an easy-to-use content tester that uses machnine learning and natural language processing to rank marketing copy text based on their predicted performance (eg. conversion, clicks, impressions).

You can start using Superlins for free by using prediction models trained with our bench-mark dataset. This dataset contains data of hundreds of millions of individual messages. The data has been collected from our own marketing channels, open source databases, and by conducting data labelling work done by marketing professionals. By updating to paid tier, you can use AI to generate additional content ideas that are also ranked by Superlines-AI.

Each use business and company is unique. For this reason, we recommend training Superlines with data exported from your marketing channels. By doing this, Superlines learns your customers' preferences, and you unleash the power of

Superlines by Grew

Your virtual content marketer.


Why Superlines

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