About us

At Grew, we believe the future of work is changing already today. That's why we created Superlines, so you can focus on more creative work and let superlines.io deal with the more repetitive tasks.

With over 10 years of expertise in the field of digital marketing and product development, we wanted to share our best practices with everyone in the form of a product that doesn't even require onboarding to start getting results.

Our journey with OpenAIs technology started already 3 years ago when we created an email subject line A/B tester. We were one of the first ones doing marketing automation in the Nordics and we know how much of a difference even a few % in conversion through email can make in revenue. Needless to say, the service has come a long way since then and due to our track record of implementing OpenAIs technology into working products, we gained GPT-4 access among the first people in the Nordics and now you can enjoy the benefits of it through superlines.io..

Superlines is powered by OpenAIs latest technology (GPT-4), which means it can learn and improve over time. It's like having a virtual growth consultant on your team 24/7, ready to provide insights when you need them most. The beauty of superlines.io is that with our custom enterprise packet, we can upload your company's marketing data into it. This way you will benefit even more greatly from making superlines.io understand your customers' preferences.

We use Superlines in our daily work to make fast data-backed decisions and you should enable superlines.io to free more time for you to focus on more creative work. Unlock your full growth potential and bring your work to the future level already today with Superlines and sign up now!