Superlines Product Roadmap

Latest updates

  1. Included strategic keywords and copywriting framework selection in the Brand settings.

    Create marketing based on any URL use case launched.

    Create marketing content from Youtube or Vimwo video URLs use case launched.

    Monthly AI credit usage visible in the Settings.

    Hashtag checkbox to Facebook template.

    Character count fields to email generator.

    Improved the quality of personal email generation.

    Brand Analyzer use case launched.

    LinkedIn Ad Carousel use case launched.

    Landing Page Copy generator launched.

  2. Technical SEO use case launch.

    Email subject line A/B tester prediction algorithm update.

  3. Character count fields to paid ads use caess.

    Word count limits to blog use case.

Short term plan (coming months)

From content to split test

Include automated split test to generated content.

Tool Tips

We will be incorporating useful tips from other tools. Whether they mention us or not, we aim to provide you with the best advice to improve your results.

New use cases

We are constantly planning and developing new use cases for Superlines.

Affiliate Program

Our new affiliate program will reward customers who bring in new users to our software.

Template Showcases in Emails

To help our customers get the most out of our product, we'll be showcasing different templates in our emails, providing inspiration and practical examples.

Template Content Tips

We will provide advice on the content within the templates, giving you insider tips and tricks to make the most of our software.

Save Content Feature

The possibility to save content will soon be available, helping you to create and store valuable content for future use.

UX improvements

Many small fixes in the usability, flow and UI to make the user experience better.

Delete brands

Include a possibility to remove brands

From URL to marketing content -use case

Launch a use case for creating marketing content by inserting a URL

Improve prompts and output for multiple languages

Superlines works with any language but we are looking to improve the quality and optimize prompts for non-English languages.

Improve to Social Media use cases

Checkboxes for including hashtags, multi-channel tempaltes (create Snapchat content automatically from Facebook post), TikTok and Snapchat channels

Add multiple URL in quick SEO checker

Return outputs per URL

Long term plan

Customer Personas

Possibility to add customer personas

A/B Testing with Custom Data

In the future, we'll be developing a feature that allows customers to test email subject lines and more, using custom data.

Larger data amounts

Include the possibility to upload larger amounts of information to Brand data.

Flexible Content Editing in Templates

We will be improving our templates with more flexible content editing and formatting capabilities, giving you the freedom to customize the content sections according to your needs.

Custom Data Library

We plan on developing a library of different datasets, which customers can purchase to support their own or their clients' industries.

Single Template Optimization

Our future goal is to allow customers to create and optimize content within a single template, eliminating the need to switch between templates.


Integrations to marketing and analytics tools that would allow direct data-fetching and content syncing. Also possibility to follow results eg. in SEO.

Content Calendar

A content calendar tool is in our long-term plans, to help streamline your content creation and scheduling process.

Image Generator for Social Media Templates

As part of our commitment to enhancing our social media solutions, we are planning to introduce an image generator specifically for our social media templates.

Landing Page Analyzer output as actual HTML landing page

Landing page analyzer output to include headings, image placeholders etc., to resemble an actual landing page.

Analyze keywords from a URL

Fetch keywords and search volumes from a URL

Create custom prompts

Possibility to create and save own custom tempaltes