- The AI Platform for Marketing Teams
The AI Platform for Marketing

Superlines gives marketing teams the AI capabilities they need to automate and scale content creation, analysis, optimization, and testing.

The easiest way for companies to start leveraging their AI in everyday work

Now you can finally automate the everyday marketing work. Start executing your daily marketing tasks with Superlines quickly and increase your business results. - The AI Platform for Marketing Teams

Trusted by forward-thinking companies

Create marketing content based on a URL

Unlike ChatGTP, Superlines is built for marketing

Superlines is built by professional marketers to fit the modern digital marketing workflow and tasks

Integrated marketing best practices

Marketing channel best practices on a single platform designed for digital marketing

Easy to learn

Equip your team with a platform that requires no prior knowledge of prompting, making the integration of AI into their workflow easy

Put your data to work instantly

Start leveraging non-sensitive marketing knowledge and data securely to teach Superlines, for crafting personalized content and analysis.

Skip paying for too many tools

Superlines has the essential features of multiple marketing and AI tools integrated into one all-in-one platform.

Digital brand management

Easily add digital brands that each have their unique tone-of-voice and start shipping marketing consistent marketing content across channels and campaigns

"Our marketing quality has improved and manual operations now take less time, leading to a direct boost in revenue."

Anna Masalin
CEO at Tulos Helsinki

Easiest marketing AI solution in the business. No prompting courses needed, start using immediately.

Create consistent and on-brand content across channels

Setup your brand guidelines, keywords, copy examples, and tone of voice to personalize Superlines. It learns from your data and lets you easily work between brands, segments, products or countries.
Superlines brand settings
The Superlines formula

Superlines AI
a marketing professional
+55% increased quality

Increase your business exponentially

Do more with less. Equip your team with a solution that removes the manual work and enables them to focus on the quality.
Superlines landing page analyzer

Superlines streamlines all of your important marketing use cases

Paid Advertising

With just a click of the mouse, instantly generate high-performing ad copies tailored for your campaign objectives and audience in Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Create high-performing landing page content with the landing page optimizer. Simply input your URL and what you want to achieve. Superlines will provide you with an analysis of that page and tell you what you need to change to reach your goals.

Email Marketing

A/B test and create subject lines that gets opened instantly. Craft email body copy that gets clicked and converts. Superlines can also generate email content based on your website URL and craft email journeys & sequences.

Content Marketing

Easily create consistent content accorss your marketing channels based on your objectives and target audience. Get results by scale your existing content pool into new channels and formats. Make sure your marketing content always follows your brand guidelines, resonates with your audience and contains the right keywords.

Social Media Marketing

Never run out of ideas for social media. Create consistent social media postsfor Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Superlines can also generate social media content from Youtube and Vimeo videos.

A/B Testing

Superlines can instantly A/B test and optimize copy for digital marketing channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and email. You can see which variation of the copy wins with a complete analysis of what's working well and why.

Combination of AI and marketing best practices

Built together with world-class marketers for daily marketing work. Your team does not need to worry about marketing channel guidelines or best practices.
Create marketing content from URLs

Quick and easy onboarding

Superlines is so easy to use that anybody from an intern to a seasoned senior can start providing real value with it instantly. Superlines is privacy-friendly and does not require any sensitive data to work.

Utilize your own non-sensitive data to teach Superlines

Superlines can use channel-spesific data (Google Ads, Hubspot, Adobe Campaign, SalesForce, Mailchimp, Facebook etc.) to learn from your previous marketing efforts and create marketing that resonates with your audience.
Superlines for Social Media

Get access to expert-level AI use cases built by professional marketers

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Brand loyal AI

Customize Superlines with your brand guidelines, strategic keywords, previous marketing content, and tone of voice to create unique responses.

Save time and money

By automating repetitive marketing work with Superlines you can directly count the money saved. Add optimization to this and you are gaining even more money while saving it.

Scale your marketing

Take on more customer work since the work takes a fraction of the time anymore or bring marketing tasks back in-house and instantly save money by not having to pay expensive 3rd parties.

Super user-friendly

The software has been made so easy to use that anybody from an intern to a seasoned senior can start providing real value with it instantly.

GPDR compliant

By default, Superlines does not require integrations to your systems or for you to give any sensitive data to it.

Return to the roots of marketing

Superlines provides time for more creative freedom and scalability. You can focus on things that AI can't do - being ridiculously creative.

Grow your business

Provide more services to your existing and new clients with the help of Superlines use cases without adding any physical resources. The same goes for in-house marketing teams. Do more in-house with these use cases!

Who is Superlines for?


Execute marketing tasks across channels and use cases without a large marketing team. Make your marketing team an efficient revenue machine.


Get more clients, start scaling your business, and bring your work utilization to a whole new level.


Equip your marketing teams across departments and brands with privacy-friendly AI features that are easy to learn by anyone from the marketing team. Start creating ROI from your non-sensitive marketing data by teaching Superlines with it.


Start marketing all your categories and products with ease. Optimize and scale existing content to your marketing channels and launch new campaigns fast.


Scale your marketing to new areas and boost your growth while staying lean.

B2B SaaS

Ensure your sales cycles are short and you land more deals by constantly optimizing your landing pages and online lead funnel.

The AI Platform for Marketing Teams

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