Superlines - The privacy-first approach to AI

We've built Superlines with a privacy-first approach, ensuring that organizations can utilize our services without compromising sensitive information, and it is easy to start using Superlines. Our commitment is to provide a secure and transparent environment.

Minimal personal information required

The only thing that is required to start using Superlines is an email address. That's it. This minimal data requirement ensures Superlines' users can access and benefit from our full range of AI services without unnecessary privacy concerns.

No integrations, just public data

By default, Superlines operates without the need for integrations, relying on publicly available data to gather insights into brand and business contexts. This approach allows Superlines to generate contextually rich analysis, optimization suggestions and content, without accessing or storing sensitive data.

You're in control

At Superlines, the user is on the driver's seat. Our users have full control over the data they input.

Trusted partners only

Superlines integrates with trusted partners who share our commitment to privacy. Our thrid-party vendors, including industry leaders like OpenAI and DeepL, are GDPR compliant and dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

OpenAI does not use your data to train their models, and DeepL does not store the texts you translate.

Improving your experience with analytics

To continuously improve your experience on Superlines, we use web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Simple Analytics, and Mixpanel. These tools help us understand how our platform is used and guide us in making user-centric enhancements. For an in-depth understanding of how we use analytics data and how we protect your privacy, please visit our detailed privacy policy at


If you have any questions about our privacy practices or how we protect your information, please don't hesitate to reach out at hello[@]