About us

At Grew, we believe the future of work is changing already today. That's why we created Superlines, so you can focus on more creative work and let Superlines deal with the more repetitive everyday marketing use cases. Analyzing, creating, and optimizing - finally all in one place.

With over 10 years of expertise in the field of digital marketing and product development, we wanted to share our best practices with everyone in the form of a product that doesn't even require onboarding to start getting results.

When was your company founded & where is it located?

Grew was founded in 2020, in Helsinki, Finland!

What are past projects, failures, or successes you’ve had in your career?

We have created many things and scrapped some of them, but hey, that's life! From past experiences, we've taken the best learnings and we are always looking into the future. Without those experiences, our passion project Superlines wouldn't have seen daylight and we consider this product as a definite win! We implemented the first GPT and CRM-data-based AI tool for email marketing in 2020. Since then, we've been expanding the use cases and ramping up the client base to make our vision with Superlines what it is today.

What is your team size?

2 Co-Founders (Kimmo and Jere) handling it all: marketing, sales, development, AI, strategy, and support. The title changes depending on the task!

Are you funded or bootstrapped?

We are a completely bootstrapped two-man company (for now at least)

What 3rd party tools is your product critically dependent on?

GPT 3.5 / GPT 4. Our very first version of Superlines rocked GPT-3 back in 2020.

What's the origin of the idea for your product?

Marketing can be done in a lot more efficient way. Most of the tasks don't really differ on a day-to-day to a week-to-week basis, whether you are working in a marketing agency, in an in-house marketing team at a corporation, or whether you are an entrepreneur. You always want to create organic marketing to boost your organic visibility, create Paid Ads, craft new landing pages, and also start optimizing your content and overall campaigns to get the most bang for your buck this way.

Jere and Kimmo, the co-founders, have worked in marketing both in-house and on the consultant side our whole career for way over a decade in total. We started using AI in our workflows way back before the GPT buzz and realized it's a superpower in getting tasks done much faster. Superlines as it is today, has evolved from a simple A/B testing tool into a marketing platform that helps you, the user to make your organization's marketing a lot more efficient and drive better results. We use our own tool every day and everything you see on the Superlines site has been created and optimized with Superlines. It makes everything so much more efficient that even two guys like us can focus on product development and growing the business all while completing our daily marketing tasks in a fraction of the time. It's fantastic to streamline repetitive work since AI itself can't replace the most crucial part that only humans can do - being ridiculously innovative and thinking outside the box.

We truly believe that big companies of the future aren't built by thousands or even hundreds of people - they are going to be built with a handful of people who can work smarter with the tools of the future such as Superlines at their disposal.

We are motivated to create something of value for our customers so that they can genuinely feel like they are doing their marketing in a smarter way and feel like they are from the future when telling their friends about this tool, who are still marketing the traditional time-consuming way.