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Superlines is free to use for early-birds. Paid tiers with new features are coming up soon.



  • Content A/B testing with AI - multilanguage
  • Search Ad simulator
  • Quota of 50 free AI written copy ideas (optimized for English)


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  • Content A/B testing with AI - multilanguage
  • Search Ad simulator
  • Multichannel - works also with email, article headlines etc!
  • Increased quota of AI written copy ideas for any language

Frequently Asked Question

What languages does Superlines support?Content testing and ad performance simulations are multilanguage and can cope with any language. Currently, the AI writer works best with English, but we can customize it to work with other languages. Please, contact us if you wish to customize Superlins for your use case or language.
Why do I need to connect Superlines with Google Ads?Superlines enable you to simulate and predict how your target group will react to content ideas by using your Google Ads performance data to train its prediction models. Superlines uses the Google Ads connection only to fetch this data from your accounts for analysis. No worries - we will never make changes to Google Ads without your approval. You can also remove Superlines access from your Google apps at any time here.
Can I use Superlines without Google Ads?No. Superlines is a Google Ads integration that uses Google Ads data for analysis.
What is included in the free version?You can integrate your Google Ads data to Superlines and test the prediction features. You’ll also receive a quota of 50 AI writer content generations.
I work in an agency. Can I use Superlines with my manager account?Yes. You can connect your manager account to Superlines and one client account. Support for multiple accounts is coming later.
Do you have enterprise tiers, or can I customize Superlines?Yes. Please reach out to us by mail.