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Superlines - Your All-In-One Marketing Solution. Automate content creation, analysis, optimization, and testing to boost your marketing efficiency.

Scale your marketing without increasing resources

Seamlessly create ads, generate thoughtful blogs, optimize your landing pages and craft converting emails. A/B test and tweak your content with AI-driven insights to scale your marketing impact. - The AI platform for marketing

Superlines is your virtual marketing agency that goes beyond content creation

Analyzing, Optimizing and Creating Landing Page content has never been easier

Get valuable insights how to improve your existing landing pages and effortlessly generate content for new ones with Superlines. Specify your topic and keywords and watch as the tool creates content in real-time and tells you quick wins to improve your SEO. Plus, utilize the Direct Responsiveness framework for higher conversion rates and start reaching your objectives.
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Superlines landing page optimization

Struggling with low Email open rates?

Craft personalized emails with just a click and let Superlines choose the best subject line for maximum open rates. With its predictive algorithms, Superlines streamlines the process of creating engaging subject lines and tailoring emails to your audience. No more guesswork or wasted time.

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Email subject line A/B tester

Transform the way you create content: Introducing automated URL-based content generation

✅ Create emails, social media posts, and blogs based on a URL
✅ Start creating content from your web pages with just a few clicks
Create marketing content from URLs

Supercharge your Ad copy creation

Standout from the digital crowd with Superlines - your 24/7 AI-powered marketing tool. We help you create engaging, impact-driven ad content across all digital platforms (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter - X) in seconds while. With Superlines, you can be sure that channel best practices are embedded into it and you'll get smart advertising content that's perfectly aligned with your brand voice and marketing objectives.

Create engaging SoMe content & boost your campaign performances

✅Create organic and promoted content in seconds to Google Ads, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter (X)
✅Organic Social Media posts crafted for your audience and objective
✅Craft SoMe Ads & Organic Content based on your website!
Superlines for Social Media

Superlines streamlines all of your important marketing use cases

Ad Generator

With just a click of the mouse, instantly generate high-performing ad copies tailored for your campaign objectives and audience in Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Landing Page Optimizer

Create high-performing landing pages with the Landing Page Optimization use case. Simply input your URL and what you want to achieve with this landing page and Superlines will provide you with an analysis of that page and tell you what you need to change to reach your goals.

SEO Blog Generator

Boost your online presence and climb the organic search rankings with Superlines. Our SEO-optimized blog posts, crafted specifically for your audience, stay true to your brand guidelines and tone of voice. You dictate the pace and strategic keywords, we help you outrun your competition.


Become a Pro-copywriter & unlock 10 different Copywriting frameworks to choose from Depending on what you want to achieve or what type of copy you need, Superlines has got you covered. FAB, 4Ps, BAB, Direct Response Copywriting, and many more frameworks to choose from.

URL-based content Creation

✅ Create emails, social media posts, and blogs based on a URL
✅ Start creating content from your web pages with just a few clicks
✅ Create content from Youtube and Vimeo videos
✅Create Linkedin Carousel Ads from URLs.

A/B Testing

Superlines can instantly A/B test and optimize copy for digital marketing channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and email. You can see which variation of the copy wins with a complete analysis of what's working well and why.

Get access to expert level AI use cases built by professional marketers

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Customized A.I.

Customize Superlines with your brand guidelines, strategic keywords, previous marketing content, and tone of voice to create unique responses. It learns every day from your input and will engage the people you want to engage.

Save time and money

By automating repetitive marketing work with Superlines you can directly count the money saved. Add optimization to this and you are gaining even more money while saving it.

Scale your marketing

Take on more customer work since the work takes a fraction of the time anymore or bring marketing tasks back in-house and instantly save money by not having to pay expensive 3rd parties.

Super user-friendly

The software has been made so easy to use that anybody from an intern to a seasoned senior can start providing real value with it instantly.

GPDR and privacy friendly

By default, Superlines does not require integrations to your systems or for you to give any sensitive data to it.

Return to the roots of marketing

Superlines provides time for more creative freedom and scalability. You can focus on things that AI can't do - being ridiculously creative.

Grow your business

Provide more services to your existing and new clients with the help of Superlines use cases without adding any physical resources. The same goes for in-house marketing teams. Do more in-house with these use cases!

Who is Superlines for?

For Marketing Teams & Agencies to automate repetitive marketing work & to unlock new possibilities with fewer resources.

Startups & SMEs

Need a marketing agency? Looking to grow your marketing channels without hiring new employees and making the most out of your marketing budget? Superlines does that for you without the need to add any physical resources.


Want to remove time-consuming production tasks from your agency's workflow while increasing your client's ROI? Improve efficiency and handle more clients? With Superlines you can.


Make your marketing team more efficient by automating repetitive work. You can also finally make use of all that marketing data you've gathered over the years in a privacy-friendly way while bringing back outsourced marketing activities to in-house. All thanks to Superlines.

The AI platform for marketing

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